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'Absolutely mind blowing': Aerial photos 'show seabed lift' north of Kaikoura

The purple-tinted areas represent the uplift, the company says. Photo: Tonkin+Taylor

A batch of photos shared by an environment and engineering consultancy reveal the scale of the seabed uplift north of Kaikoura, the company claims.

Tonkin+Taylor shared the four photographs from its Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon and they have since been re-shared almost 100 times.

The earthquake badly affected SH1 north of Kaikoura. Photo: Tonkin+Taylor

"Aerial photographs show the seabed uplift north of Kaikoura – estimated to be between 2–2.5 metres," it wrote in its tweet.

The purple tinged areas off the coast represent the uplifted earth, the company added.

The seabed rose up to 2.5 metres in places. Photo: Tonkin+Taylor

One commenter said: "Absolutely mind blowing I’m thinking there may be some new surf spots up the coast and hopefully none destroyed."

A rescue operation is underway to save shocked sea life that have been left stranded on the Kaikoura coast.

Thousands of paua and shellfish have been displaced from their watery homes following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

The quake has lifted the coastline upward, with some locals describing a rise of about two metres.

A large bounty of paua cling to rocks after being thrust out of the water. Photo: Facebook/Anna Redmond

The rise has exposed paua, crayfish, and other sea life above water has left many stranded and dead.

Anna Redmond, along with her partner Will Wilding, her brother Sam and two male friends ventured north and stumbled across the astonishing scenes.

"Some Photos I snapped of the Damage this morning... so much destruction [sic]," Redmond's post said.

Redmond photographed a slightly shaken crayfish after it was thrust from the ocean. Photo: Facebook/Anna Redmond

Commercial divers and volunteers along the east coast are now heading to beaches to help move paua and sea life from the rocks and return them to the water.




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